Holopoiesis – escape to digital nature.

Holopoiesis is a successful attempt to break out of the lockdown into the digital world of nature. The virtual reality I created is a journey through countless computer-generated worlds on which I can wander, theoretically endlessly, wandering around the house.

 The basis of the simulation is a house plan with a drawn line on which I can move, then the line / path is divided into elements that are randomly connected, creating a new path each time around the house and at the same time in virtual reality, which I can walk on without fear about collision with real objects.

Not only the path is cleverly created, the entire virtual world is also randomly generated according to simple rules and planted with random objects such as: vegetation, buildings, rocks, water reservoirs. In this way, each generated world is unique. In addition, each time the program places me randomly in different places on the world maps, which means that every time I press the controller button I discover new landscapes that often surprise me with their magic. Of course, the simulation is, for technical reasons, a rather simplified reflection of nature, yet you can safely break out of reality.

 I came up with the idea during the lockdown in spring 2020, it resulted from the desire to escape the closure and the desire to contact nature. I must admit that my mood was bordering on depression then. The first simplified version was created after a few days. Every day I spent about an hour on virtual walks, after a few days I felt a positive effect and improved well-being.

 Walking in virtual nature – I admit, it sounds quite bizarre, but I think VR has great potential, which we are just starting to discover. I think that it will revolutionize not only the entertainment industry, but all areas, influencing the entire society, in such a way that cyberspace will become our new natural space.