Animation Key Visual

Animated data driven key visual for Kultur Digital

Client Kulturstiftung des Bundes
Year 2020
Type Generative, animation, key visual
Kulturstiftung des Bundes asked us to design a key visual for their project "Kultur Digital". Our idea convinced the foundation and we got the order. Our concept is based on generative design that is fed with data from social media. The round elements show the number of projects supported by Kultur Digital, the objects will contain animated image elements from corresponding projects. The size of individual objects/projects is based on a media echo (number of hashtags and posts in social media), the larger the echo the larger the individual objects. The object size changes over time and reflects a timeline from project start to now. Since the size changes constantly, the sculpture takes on a life of its own and moves like a life form. You could say it is an abstract success story of all Kultur Digital projects. Since the project is still relatively new, there are no relevant data yet, so we animated the installation with mathematical formula.